Thom Hogan interview (Sony vs other mirrorless systems)

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Re: Not even close in range to the 75-300mm...

Bart Hickman wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

Ultimately it's all about what's "good enough", clearly m4/3's is hitting the sweet spot at the moment.

Oh I agree with that--I'm not dissing m43--I'm considering buying into it myself. I was just responding that I thought a 50-200 lens (4-5.6) on an NEX would be reasonable and the equivalent m43 lens (which has to have lower F-numbers to maintain equivalent DOF and light gathering ability) would still be fairly large and probably quite expensive.


With long tele lenses, the issue is much more about obtaining focus. And the size of the lens. That is why birders gravitate to APS rather than full frame cameras.

Currently Nex has slow focus. As for lens size, the 75-300 Olympus lens, is much longer than Sony have been able to achieve, yet its lighter than Sony Nex tele lenses. Same to for the 100-300mm Lumix m43 lens, which is F/5.6. Light is not an issue these days either, as m43 now have cameras that go to 25+ ISO levels.

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