D800 mirror vibration test

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Re: D800 mirror vibration test

Horshack wrote:

surf1 wrote:

Thanks for the test, very interesting!

But I agree with Robin, this is equally a test of mirror vibration as it is a test of your tripod. I had a Benro once, and it did not fulfill my expectations. I tested a bunch of tripods then and you could really see the difference in sharpness. Now using a Velbon Camargue carbon tripod with Markins M3 head, as it faired as well as the Gitzo I tested and was cheaper.

Cheers, Surf

The Benro is a Gitzo knockoff and performs equally in terms of stability.

What's more important is if you shot with the legs extended or not. If you didn't extend the legs I would assume no influence from the Tripod.

Concerning the comparison of Benro and Gitzo, your statement does not match my experience and tests.

Let me say it again, with more details. I owned a Benro tripod and I sold it because of vibration blur on my images. Later I tested Benro again against a bunch of Gitzo, Manfrotto, Velbon and other brand tripods, all with the same Markins M3 head, with a D300 with 70-200, self timer, all on the same day in the Camera City Beijing. I can tell you that there was repeatably vibration blur with the Benro tripod, clearly more than on the Gitzo and Velbon. Similar models compared, I think it was the 258 class tripod, so your 358 should be significantly more stable.


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