D800 as a vacation cam?

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Clark Hampton
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Yes, No and Maybe

First. The saying goes the best camera there is, is the one you have with you.

with that said, if you plan to print images taken on vacation then a D800 is a great choice. If you want to document the trip on a website, then an iPhone 4s is a great way to do that.

Back in the day, I took an F5 (film camera) and carried that beast everywhere. I have hundreds of slides that will last for years and years and I have amazing prints in my house that I love to look at.

It's the prints that made me thankful I brought a good camera and GREAT lens with me to that iconic city. I have been back many times and sometimes have only used my iPhone. Other times, my Nikon gear (D200).

A large print from an iPhone will disappoint you. A large print from a D800 with a great lens will delight you.


carry a bunch of gear around may bug the heck out of you and you end up not really enjoying your trip.

It really depends on you and what you want to carry around and if you plan to print.

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