Help needed with sweep panorama

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ISO 100 & f/10 at sunrise/sunset?

I can't imagine trying to sweep - with the slow shutter-speeds needed to get a good exposure - if it was actually iso 100 & f/10, and so little light on the right-side of the pano.

You -might- be able to do that - with a tripod - and manually stitching them together in your PC.

Are you using the kit lens [18-55]? With stabilization turned ON?

There was a thread here, months ago, in which someone -claimed- to have confirmation from someone at Sony that the in-lens stabilization in E-mount lenses was being used by the camera to help during sweeps - and that using a non-stabilized lens would limit the available exposure-settings during a sweep.

My suggestions:

1. Set manual exposure, just like you would when doing a "conventional" stitched-panorama.
2. Use a stabilized e-mount lens whenever possible.

3. Try the different modes [landscape, portrait] and directions [up/down, left-right] to see if there is one that suits you better i.e. easier to pan, easier to maintain your grip on the camera & operate the controls.

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