I don't want a 36 MP d800!

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Re: Zombie account?

Tony Beach wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:
alzurzin woke up an account he made last year to write:

But the Sony 36mp imager is a potential game changer. I shall wait for Sony's version in the Alpha line, for many reasons:

It rather appears that Sony has exited the FF arena.

Yeah, that guy is a troll for sure. I would note though that Sony did say they were planning some kind of A900 successor. I expect Sony will have an "A99" (a camera I am totally not interested in buying), but I have serious doubts that Sony will continue 135 format, or even A-mount beyond the next few years.

It looks as though just supplying the sensors for the D800 is a pretty lucrative business for Sony semiconductor. The SLT line just has to be a dead end once Sony gets image sensor PD going, they have a patent covering asymmetrically profiled microlenses (actually, the manufacturing process needed to make them) which is a superior alternative to the shaded microlenses Nikon is using and shaded photosites that Fuji uses. It also covers the offset needed for close exit pupils. Altogether, if it actually works, I can see very little reason for them to continue with SLT. They can even make an AF adapter for the A mount without the pellicle and phase detector.

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