Kindly ask for advice for equipment to go with expected D800

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Re: Kindly ask for advice for equipment to go with expected D800


Thanks for the answers, here are my remarks:

BackInTheGame wrote:

For memory it depends on whether or not you will shoot video, I think. For stills a fast 16gb compact flash and a fast 16gb SD would provide a lot of storage, and you could have a cheaper 32gb or 64gb in case you decide to do video on occasion.

I'll shoot video for sure, if not I would probably have gone to the D700 instead. I think the 16GB will be show hat short for this, even for stills, at an average 50MB for RAW + JPG, a 16 GB card would mean around 300 pictures, which will be short for a vacation or a weekend where I plan to travel light and not take a laptop or other device to download the pictures.

Lenses are all about what you like. Large, small, low light, sunny days. Lots of ways to go. For light travel telephoto the 70-300 VR would be a good choice. The 70-200 with TC is great, but that is a big girl, as is the 24-70. You can go cheap and small with primes, or you can go expensive and a bit larger. You do get what you pay for, but how much do you want to pay for?

I would consider investing further 3000€ to 3500€ (round numbers, maybe a bit less, maybe a bit more) for 2 lenses and a flash, considering I might be able to deduct VAT from it. One of my concerts is the weight vs versatility vs flexibility of the lenses. While I prefer to spend a bit more and have better quality material than to spend only a few and later on loose money on upgrading, I also don't want to throw away money and try to get best value for money. I am also very likely to be buying one piece at a time. It is more likely for me to need the low light capabilities with the range on the 24-70 than on the 70-200 to 70-300, so I have a lot of doubts on this range, on the 24-70, from what I've been reading I'm pretty convinced about it, but I have to try to find a store with one in stock (not easy in Braga, Portugal) and test it to see how much it weights and how it feels on the camera.

I like my SB900, but I liked my SB600 as well. The SB900, and I'm sure the SB910, is a bit more user friendly and a bit more powerful. The SB700 I don't know, but Nikon makes great flashes, so I'm sure it is good.

That's my thinking also, that with any SB I'lll be ok, I don't plan to shoot a lot with it so maybe a less powerful flash such as the SB-700 is also ok, spending on the price difference.

Fred Mueller wrote:

Re: take a good look at the 24-105 4.0 vr

maybe better choice for you - then later add 70-300 vr

This could indeed be a good option, the 24-120 f4 VR thanks, 200grams less, around 400€ less, loose on low light, gain on reach, probably loose on the image quality also a bit (although the shots from the space museum on another thread don't show it for sure!). Between this one and the 28-300 they could be something worth considering also, but then again I get back to what I just said before, I am afraid I'll be buying a lens and within one to two years I'll wan't to replace it for something else. or I'll want the extra reach of the 70-200 or 70-300 (if I buy the 24-120), and I have the repeated 70-120 range which will not make the 70-200 much sense.

Tough one this choice.

I'd also like to hear opinion on someone using both lenses (24-70 or 24-120) and how they feel in the hand, walking with it all day and how they perform one to another.

Many thanks for the help!

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