X100/Pro1 owners - don't rush out and sell your D700/D3/D3s/5Dll

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Re: X100/Pro1 owners - don't rush out and sell your D700/D3/D3s/5Dll

why would anyone do that, I mean selling his D700/D3s/5DII?

Sutto wrote:

I know there is a lot of hype around at the moment regarding the Pro1 and its virtues. For those like me who have to lug a professional DSLR halfway around the world – it is very tempting to ditch the ‘brick’ and carry around something that weighs 1/3rd the weight, with all three lenses.

I do not own the Pro1, but I do own the X100. I have often been tempted to leave the D700 with 80-200 2.8 IFED, behind in the hotel and only carry the X100 – and many times I have done that. Many of the pic’s I have used on the website have been taken with the X100, it is a marvelous little camera, and it allows me to carry only one DSLR, and use the X100 as my ‘wide angle lens’.

The reason I am writing this thread is because I am concerned with some of the comments I have read recently. Many guys have commented that they are going to sell their DSLR now, and just use the Pro1/X100 for everything. I really feel that when the dust settles, and the hype has died down, that they may truly regret that decision. I don’t know about you guys, but money is not easily come by these days (well for me anyway). Whenever we sell or buy new kit, we always take a big hit. I am worried that many people will sell their near-new DSLR and lenses, for a big loss, then when the dust has settled they will regret it, and have to go and buy new kit.

I can only speak from my experience as a semi pro, who travels Sth East Asia six months a year taking fine-art/environmental portraits/street pic’s. As mentioned, I am very pleased with the X100, and the freedom it gives – BUT IT WILL NEER REPLACE MY D700. When I need instant focus, high iso’s or bigger than normal enlargements - when I need my breath taken away at the sharpness of a pic wide open (my 80-200 IFED shot at 2.8), or the knowledge that in a darkened area, when I have one shot at focus and a split second to get it – then I know I my D700 will always ‘bring home the bacon’. From my experience, I do not have that 100% confidence in the X100 – as yet anyway. It is a great camera, but only as a companion for my DSLR.

Please don’t think I am starting a DSLR vs Mirror-less camera war – I am not. This is not a Fuji vs DSLR slanging match so I am not looking for an argument. I have both systems and they each have their job to do and their specific pros and cons. However, I just really want people to step back and take a breath, before they sell off all of their expensive pro kit. The X100 is liberating, I love it when I head outside and know I will not come back with shoulder strain. However, there are times when I don’t care about the weight – I need the shot and I know that my D700 will always deliver.


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