DP2S X3F/RAW preview on PC?

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Re: DP2S X3F/RAW preview on PC?

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I'm considering getting a DP2S. However, I have some reservation about the X3F/RAW format since I only have experience working with the more mainstream JPG format.

Do I absolutely have to use SPP to view the X3F files on my PC?

Is quick preview available with this format like you would with regular JPG? In other words, I don't have to open each and every file with SPP just to view the files. I can double click on the image and it'll pop right up.


I think you need a clearer understanding of what RAW is as compared to JPEG.... for the Sigma or any brand camera. You can of course shoot the DP2s camera in JPEG, but I think everyone will say that results are much better in RAW, which you then convert to JPEG.

I've been participating in a thread about RAW and RAW conversion software options in another forum. You might wish to read through it:


You can convert the Sigma X3F RAW in any number of "RAW converters" Personally I use Sigma's Sigma Photo Pro by preference for my Sigma RAW files. You often SPP and you see all the files... RAWs plus any of your processed JPEGs or TIFFs. I use Canon's DPP for Canon RAW files. I catalog and keep an overview and sometimes do some editing in Adobe's Photoshop Elements v10. You can also catalog and view in many other software programs. For example, Adobe's Photoshop Elements v10, which I also use, shows X3F RAWs, JPEGs, TIFFs when you open it.

Hope that helps, ask more specific questions and readers will be glad to clarify further.
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