ideas for how to practice follow focus/general camera operation?

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Re: ideas for how to practice follow focus/general camera operation?

My advice for just generally practising shooting video is too find a location that offers a variety of settings. A local park can be a good place. There will be wide open spaces, tight spaces, shaded area's and of course plenty of people too. And that brings me to practising follow focus.

I've found that the best practise for follow focus is people walking along a straight path. Just aim the camera and try your best at following them moving. I suggest people walking because they are slow enough that they aren't a huge challenge but fast enough that you have to concentrate to get it right or they'll soon go out of focus if you are using a small aperture.

The other beauty of picking a park is that any wildlife can also present another subject for practising your follow focus if you get bored of people.

Also, I don't know what sort of setup you have but I generally find follow focus to be very challenging even on slow moving subjects when using my DSLR's rear screen. I really think I need a field monitor as often times when I review my footage I find that my focus isn't spot on.

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