Will the 5N hold up in a -5-degree-Celsius weather?

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Re: Will the 5N hold up in a -5-degree-Celsius weather?

As others have warned, be aware of battery care and condensation.

You need to have 2 batteries, and skin-warming tip is very true. I would say get a thermal with a zip pocket for your own comfort though.

I would suggest a proper padded camera bag to fight the condensation issue. Every time you go in to warm up, put lens cover on and zip it up in the bag. When you come back out, you can shoot as before. I have used this technique successfully for filming in ski resorts, which tend to have very warm and humid lunch places.

Sub-zero implies ice and snow. Keep some alcohol wipes handy to clean the lens of any frozen snow.

Get some fine leather gloves as holding the metal lens barrel and gripping the camera tightly will cool your hands quite quickly, especially if it is windy. You need gloves that will let you operate the thumb wheel and buttons. Can't do much about the touchscreen.

Final tip is personal preference: a hip-flask filled with port, for you and your subjects.

You could use whiskey etc, but I find port works with the girls as well as guys, and returns colour to cheeks and smiles rather than grimaces! Saves a bit on the post colour correction.

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