My D800 AF Test Results

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Re: From time to time I do

TOF guy wrote:

Why don't you show us photos of a "good enough" target. I mean, this must be easy for you. You've lectured others so many times with your target mantra, you must have done it many times (or even once, that's enough),

The problem is this many on this forum in particular ONLY post either no image - or an image showing they ignore Nikon's guidance on how to use AF to good effect.
We hardly ever see complaints using better for calibration targets

The link below might help - the target on the left sometimes induces mis focus (probably because it is symmetrical) and the lower part of the target on the right, printed as a 5x7 inch image and pasted in a 3 feet by 2 feet image area has so far been 100% reliable for me and for others who have tried it.

If you go into the protostream there are about 100 of my images, over 90% taken using AF - with no front or back focus.

There are a few taken with manual focus where I anticipated AF might not be accurate,
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