The DX pro after D2x? - (Trick Question)

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Re: The DX pro after D2x? - (Trick Question)

capanikon wrote:

Why do you need to shoot high ISO?

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. My primary issue here is ergonomics (and I do question whether it's a good enough reason), not image quality. If I could have a D300 sensor in a D2-type body, I'd be a happy camper. Of course, the FX sensor would beat both, but exactly because I don't need to print big, I don't care.

Having said that, I'm perfectly happy with the ISO 1600 on my D300. Based on my research and D2x samples I've studied, this won't be the case with the D2x. Shooting musicians in dimly lit rooms, it could be a problem.

I've also though that, OK, since this will be a 2nd body, it can be used only for studio/flash, while the D300 can be used for more demanding light. But..but...I don't know...I guess it feels counter-intuitive to spend 700 euros on such an old body.

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