NYT: How Sony Fell Behind

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Re: Beware Business Opinion

win39 wrote:

This is the same kind of shotgun article predicting imminent corporate death that has been written almost daily by some business "guru" about Apple since 1984. These kinds of articles are the most unreliable information in the world, less believable than astrology and palmistry.

On the surface of it, all television is in trouble, but he does not mention that. No company is unscathed by the drop in interest in television. No company has successful in challenging Apple in the music player or store business, not just Sony. Ask Microsoft.

He knocks the lack of innovation, but IGNORES the fact that Sony has gone from zero to the 3d largest producer of DSLRs in just a few years. Its break though engineering on sensors are the best in the business trouncing those from Panasonic and Samsung who cannot sell their products outside of their own brands and 4/3 agreements. The NEX series is new and very original in their approach to camera control and very high quality. Their "translucent mirror" cameras are ground breakingly original allowing unheard of continuous shooting speeds.

Just not a fair and comprehensive article in my opinion and probably more for the purpose of picking up some cheap Sony stock for his portfolio.

Totally agree but of course, there are still some things that should be improved at Sony and hope that Hirai could do it.

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