Have I made a mistake ordering my first iMac?

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Re: Have I made a mistake ordering my first iMac?

Thearle wrote:

I have just ordered (last night) my first iMac. Only to have a friend tell me today that I should wait a few more months as the new models will be out with better spec although he doesn't know what the spec will be???

Apple is very tight-lipped about when they are going to release refreshed models and what is going to be in them. Employees would probably be fired for leaking those kinds of details. That's why your friend has no idea what the specs will be.

That said, it is possible to keep track of the timing of refreshes - and use the timing of the past ones to predict the timing of the next one. This is prone to a great deal of error, but it's a step above "asking the magic 8-ball".

One site that tracks timing of refreshes is the MacRumors Buying Guide:


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