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Re: Here's the EM-5 designer and cameras for women

Yes, it is true. I live in Japan and see the adverts on the television, the product displays in the stores and the sorts of customers who are viewing the cameras.

I'm not saying the cameras are exclusively designed for women - I said they are heavily marketed towards women. The only thing I might add to qualify that statement is 'in Japan'. I don't know what the American market is like.

That doesn't however mean the cameras are not designed for pocket-ability in addition . That's true too. But it's a fact that most of the PEN marketing campaigns out here are targeted towards women.

s_grins wrote:

Gakuranman wrote:

That's true. Most of the lower PEN line is heavily targeted at women, and the hands-on event I went to saw lower models decorated with frilly bits and cute additions. The E-M5 is clearly aimed at more experienced (and I would guess male) users however. They gave the camera to a bunch of professional photographers and had them go out on assignments to show the results of the camera at the launch event.

No, that is not true. Most of PEN line (low and high) was designed for those who like to put the camera into the pocket. I'm too lazy to provide you the links, but if you want, you can find lots of posts about how good is it: - to have the camera you can carry in the pocket (some do not mind to wear cargo pants).

Even now you can find one grand-grand son of Mr. Barnack, who can't stop talking about "pocketability"
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