5DIII light leak confirmed by Canon

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Re: I'll live with it

snake_b wrote:

Then if you ever sell, I hope you do the ethical and legal thing and inform the buyer. It will have an effect on resale.

I've never sold a camera. I use my cameras for many years until the next big thing comes along, several years later, whereupon they become my backup cameras. By the time the second next big thing comes along, they're two generations old and not worth the trouble of selling, so I give them away or discard them. My eight-year-old 300D went in the garbage just this week. But in the most unlikely event that in six or eight years I decide to sell my 5D Mk III, if the buyer asked about this issue I'd be upfront about it. If he didn't, I wouldn't mention it, because it would indicate that he'd never heard of it and, as it's so trivial and it occurs only in the most extreme conditions, he more than likely would never discover it. But thanks, snake_b, for the scruples lesson. I trust this response meets with your satisfaction.

I really don't think it would be such a big issue to send it in and have them ensure the sensor is clean. It's really not a big deal.

You obviously haven't dealt with Canon Australia.

Incidentally, I registered my camera with Canon Australia the other day and asked them to let me know when Canon has decided what to do about the light leakage issue. They directed me to the firmware update page of their website, which indicates that either ...

a) it will be a firmware fix, or
b) they don't know what they're talking about

I've got my money on b).

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