Is the 5D III the best camera for novices?

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Is the 5D III the best camera for novices?

So after years of shooting crops (350D, 20D, T2i) I spent a weekend with my first FF camera; the 5D III.

My conclusion is that it is the best novice camera made by Canon.

Why would I say that?


FF is much easier. Big, bright viewfinder augmented by a grid.

In comparison composing with the T2i is looking through a straw. That bright viewfinder makes it much easier to determine DOF too.


With the T2i you really have to "work" the exposure triangle in less than ideal lighting conditions.

Should I raise the ISO and risk noise?
Should I change aperture and risk not getting the DOF I am looking for?
Should I change the shutter speed and risk blur?

I can't have it all so where do I approach the edge?

With the 5D III you can slip it into auto-iso and just work shutter and aperture as the camera is ISO-irelevent. All pictures; from base to 12,800. look great; at least for non-professional purposes.

It is a little like going from a manual (gas, brake, clutch, stick) to an automatic (gas & brake).

Focus - The 5D IIIs is faster and more predictable and yields more winners.


The 5D III has features that make good outcomes more predictable.

Yes, I can change the autofocus point on the Rebel but it is kind of a fiddle-y affair.

With the 5D IIIs joystick I can do it in less than a second.

The joystick also makes accessing on the main menu much easier too.

Files- The files from the FF are cleaner and more amenable to PP.

My guess is that if I were to give the 5D III/L (set to auto) to my mother she would come away with better pictures than if I gave her my T2i.

The 5DIII doesn't make you a better photographer but it carries you and covers for you in situations where the Rebel will just turn its back. Better photographer? Maybe not. Better photographs? Yes.

Maybe novices should buy these fancy FF cameras and pros should seek the challenges inherent in Rebels!

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