Had A Nice Chat with the Fuji Reps Today

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Re: Had A Nice Chat with the Fuji Reps Today

Thank you for bringing the feedback to the reps.

I same here have concerns about the chattering and minimum shutter speed for auto ISO.

I wish you had mentioned about peaking mode possibility.

bluesteel105 wrote:

Just wanted to share a recent talk I had with two Fuji reps. Overall, they were very supportive and receptive to feedback about the new X Pro 1. They mentioned that because the camera is so new, they haven't heard a lot of personal feedback on it.

After telling them about how I loved the IQ, low light functioning, and the overall user experience with the controls, I wanted to ask them about a few of my personal gripes about the camera:

1) Lens and aperture chattering -- they are aware of it and they said there should be a firmware update on all 3 lenses in the future, no fixed timetable.

2) Minimum shutter speed for Auto ISO -- weren't quite aware of this issue but they were glad to hear about it. It should be an easy firmware fix so I have faith it'll happen.

3) M Mount, Focus Peaking and Lenses -- didn't say too much unfortunately, just mentioned that they'll have some new lenses by the end of the year. He said a zoom lens and another wide angle (35mm equivalent perhaps, seeing as there's already the 18mm).

4) X200 -- They will be continuing the X100 line with a new camera around Spring of 2013 (about two years after the X100 came out). While not saying anything official, he gave me the ole wink wink. But it's not terribly surprising, as the X100 was such a hit.

And yeah that's all I had time to talk about. Very nice gentlemen who shared my enthusiasm for the cameras. And like I said; they were very receptive to feedback. While not all issues will be fixed or addressed, I have faith a lot of improvements are on the way. Cheers!

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