Have I made a mistake ordering my first iMac?

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Re: Have I made a mistake ordering my first iMac?

I'm way overdue for an update but no way I'm buying now...new ones are due this summer and they might show up with non-glossy screens as an option. Even if I like the glossy screen now I want to see what's coming. Same cash or cheaper and definitely faster.

Thearle wrote:

I have just ordered (last night) my first iMac. Only to have a friend tell me today that I should wait a few more months as the new models will be out with better spec although he doesn't know what the spec will be???

I was more than happy ordering a 21.5 iMac upgraded to the 2.8ghz i7 processor and was going to order extra RAM from an independent supplier making it 16GB RAM. But this, what was a, pleasurable purchase is playing on my mind now!

Should I cancel my order and wait?

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