Sports with the NEX-7 (Formal Review)

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Re: Is this all a joke? LOL

Just Having Fun wrote:

First, you post some pictures where you know the focal point a few hours before taking the shot. I could do the same with any camera ever made and get similar results. You could put one on a tripod, take an hour to make sure focus is correct and then wait with a remote shutter release for the game to start!

Seriously? I challenge you to get this amount of subject separation and shutter speed from any other lens ever made to freeze the action. Honestly. These kind of shots are completely impossible with any of those 70-300mm zooms with their slow apertures. Even using a compotent 70-200 f/2.8 wouldn't get you close enough for these, you'd lose way too much detail in cropping.

El Matadurr wrote:

The Sony a77 is $1400 (already more expensive than the 7), and the 300mm f/2.8 G is $6300. That comes out to almost $8000.


Yes, serious

I have an A65. Much cheaper than the NEX 7 with the same sensor, and IBIS. It also has a better grip. I also have an 80-200mm F/2.8 high speed G lens that focuses faster than most Sony Alpha lenses. Total price for camera and lens $1900. For the past 5 months many were paying more for the NEX 7 body only! LOL

Again, you would lose too much detail in cropping. Not sure if I mentioned this, but most of those shots in the example were pretty heavily cropped. Had I not had that 300mm, they would look like crap.

This is not to say the a65 isn't a great camera, but just try and put the a65 in your coat pocket with a 50mm f/1.8 pancake lens for all the other times you aren't doing sports photos. Good luck with that one.

Here is what we know. The NEX 7 has no IS. The NEX 7 does not focus as fast as any Alpha camera. You can add an adapter, but then the total package costs TWICE as much as the A65 body only and you STILL don't have any IS.

Doesn't need IS. Doesn't need autofocus. Don't see your point here man.

I would tell people to buy a Minolta 80-200mm F/2.8 HS lens and a used A55. Total cost will be close to the price of a NEX 7 body only. You could then take shots like in the OP, handheld in split second with AF. You could then take real sports shots of people running and moving rather than picket an AF point an hour before the shot!

If you saw some of my other threads, I chase focus as well, after similar criticism from others claiming that all my shots were those that I prefocused. Also, the a55's 16MP sensor wouldn't allow near as much cropping as I need to do some of the time. Allow me to shut you up (kindly, of course) with these to demonstrate my point. All of these have about a foot of depth of field, about 6 inches of critical focus. When the players move, at all , regardless if I prefocus, I have to readjust my focus:

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