Would you still buy a MKIII

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Re: Would you still buy a MKIII


Although I have a relatively small investment, I've always been a Canon fan, but the 5D3 and D800 release has changed my mind. The countless epic shadow pulls I've seen and reliable Nikon AF are what has sold me, along with the fact that it is £500 cheaper than the 5d3. There really are no excuses here.

I used to think no matter how much the body costs, Canon lens are always as good as Nikkors and also much cheaper. With Canon's insane pricing strategy of late, this has gone out the window, Canon seem to whack 1000 of your favourite currency on top of the last release regardless of improvement.

and don't get me started on the 600EX...

I can also say, outside of these forums, I know several people making the switch as this point. I'm not trying to stir, but am simply answer the OP's Q with a reason.

I was thinking of picking up a 5D2, but I just cant bring myself to spend £1550 on a three and a half year old camera.

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