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MikeFromMesa wrote:

I compared the mounts on one of my EF lenses (Canon 50mm f/1.8) with one of my EF-S mounts (Canon 15-85) and it is clear that the 15-85 lens contains an insert that sits deeper into the camera than the EF lenses. When I looked at the Sigma I saw that the mount looks exactly like the EF lens mounts, not like the EF-S lens mount. That made me wonder why a crop lens like the Sigma 17-70 would not work on a full-frame camera.

like you noticed, a crop lens inserts deeper into the body. Thus, the risk is that the mirror of your FF cam may hit the rear of the lens. Whether it does or not depends probably on lens/cam combo, since there have been quite a few reports of people that have converted their ef-s lenses to ef. (which is an easy job).
If you do some search work on the lens forum, you may find out more.

But even if your 17-17 works on the 5d, you will still loose FOV due to the reduced image circle of the lens. So if you want truely wide, something like the 17-40 is needed. And with a fine cam like the 5d3 I can hardly imagine yoy would want to lose a large part of the UWA potential of that body.

Tele is another matter...interestingly the nikor crop lenses work fine on a D800... (oops, I can I still say D800 without getting banned )

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