Sony sonnar 24mm f/1.8 or...[what] Voigtlander lens ?

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Re: Sony sonnar 24mm f/1.8 or...[what] Voigtlander lens ?

Bokeh on a WA or UWA lens, neah. Get the 50mm or longer.

Otherwise, the CV21 for size (compactness) and sharpmess if B&W, the color shift (on Nex-7) does not matter.

The kit lens does ok at 24mm. Only reason for Zeiss lens is the extra aperture stops, and shaprness that comes with it.

The other lenses to consider are the Sigma 30mm - for sure - and the Sigma 19mm + not so sure, as it distorts.

jubilatu wrote:

thanks all for feedback.

i forgot to mention that i have the 18-55, 16+UWA, and my main lens is CV 40mm 1.4 SC.

Unfortunately, 40mm on crop is not that wide sometimes, so i have to use the 18-55 at 24mm (statistically this is my favorite focal on the zoom). Since at 40mm the CV is a lot sharper than the zoom at 40mm, especially on corners (my own test with gitzo tripod and stuff), i'd like to know if the 24mm 1.8 is my only upgrade option or the CV counterparts couid do at least 90% of its IQ.

The CV 35 is too close to 40mm that i have, the 21 is a little too wide for me, 25 is just f4 (and i am a bokeh guy) and 28 not so "pocketable" as the other 2. Regarding IQ and color rendition - the infos are especially on RF forums were people thing that everything under 3500$ is BS (sometimes they are right).
anyway 75% of my photos are black and white.

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