Dealing with out of gamut areas

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Dealing with out of gamut areas

Well, here's a technique I've never heard of before for dealing with out-of-gamut areas. I tried it and found it to be workable, though, of course, some tweaks were helpful. Curious if anyone has tried this...

  1. Select your profile of choice (View, Proof Setup, Custom, etc.)

  2. Turn on gamut warning (Shift+Ctrl+Y)

  3. Select the image's out-of-gamut areas (Select, Color Range, then choose Out of Gamut from the Select drop-down list)

  4. Create a Hue/Sat adjustment layer and set Saturation to -10

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 creating as many Hue/Sat adjustment layers as necessary. The mask on each succeeding layer will show less white and more black.

  6. Eventually you will create a hue/sat layer whose mask is completely black, indicating that nothing has been selected, which means there's no more that's out of gamut. Delete this layer, because there's nothing more to be adjusted.

  7. You're done

Opinions? Do you have a better way for dealing with OOG areas when printing?

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