EM5 miracle DR from tech radar

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EM5 miracle DR from tech radar

I don't know about you but I like to use my brain quite a bit. Or at least try.

I see a lot of frenzy and celebration for the new technological achievement in the EM5 as noted by tech radar but I see some rather glaring obvious issues here. Let's go one by one because I think some people are setting up themselves for disappointment or living in eternal fantasy land.

When we look at the Tech Radar DR ratings from RAW one thing that jumped to me as a serious red flag is the DR at ISO 1600. It ranks as ISO 12.5 at ISO 1600. Look around and check how many cameras have such ranking at DXo, which incidentally knows better on how to use their own software on it, since well, they make it and ship a professional raw converter.

But the other thing is equally interesting. The EM5 starts at a sky high 13.1 EV or so only to fall to 12.5+ EV's by ISO 1600. This means the DR loss from 13.1 EV at base ISO 200 to ISO 1600 (3 stops of ISO) only falls by

Could the EM5 be the first camera in all the history of digital cameras to do this? Ask yourself, does this sound remotely reasonable to you?

Of course, at 12.5 EV's of dr at ISO 1600, I think it would be rather easy to even see if this is anywhere near true by just examining an ISO 1600 RAW file from the EM5- of which there are now at least a few. Go ahead, download one and recover form shadow and highlight at ISO 1600- does that look remotely to you like the DR performance of 12.5 stops?

To put this in perspective, an EM5 at ISO 1600 would have more DR than a full frame Nikon D3s at base ISO 200. (the Nikon "only" has 11.97 in print according to Dxo).

Once again- ask yourself, does that sound remotely reasonable? The D3s is a high ISo king and by ISO 1600 it "only" has 11 stops. So according to tech radar, the EM5 does better here?

Some people say "why people ignore and are skeptical or review like this when they put theā€¦" - I have to say, because some of the results obviously don't make any sense. Likewise, why are other reviews like Focus Numeriqué amongst others are ignored that put the EM5 more like a GX1?

The best is download raws and see for yourself. I would say wait for the official DXo numbers on this before believing Tech Radars'.

Note: I am not saying the EM5 seems like a bad camera, it seems pretty good to me from everything I am seeing so far. I just like reality and I don't think the EM5 in real terms is bad. Some have come to accept the set of pros and cons it has and the expectations. That's best because in the end it's your money and if you care about your money I would imagine you care about getting what you expect and matches your needs and wants.

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