Have I made a mistake ordering my first iMac?

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Re: Have I made a mistake ordering my first iMac?

How are we to know if you've made a mistake in ordering? We don't know your real address or where you asked the iMac to be delivered. By all means post in your address here along with the order confirmation and I'm sure someone will check for any errors.

But if you mean did you make a mistake in ordering an iMac "now"?

I'd say yes you did. You're the type of person who after they pressed the "Confirm order" button is having misgivings about the order to the extend you're asking a web forum for their input.

When Apple release a new iMac "at some point" you're going to regret not waiting. Is that regret justified? Probably not, but it won't make it sting any less to you.

So cancel your order. Wait until the day of release for the new iMac and order then. You'll still cry a little inside when the 2013/2014 model comes out - but that's just you.

But if the iMac you ordered is the iMac you want - then it'll still be the same iMac in two months, six months, twelve months time.

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