"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: The big issue, yet to arrive, will swing the top of the line

Recently I have been shooting with a Nikon D700, a Ricoh GXR, and a modified Sony NEX-7. I like them all.

There are some physics that get in the way of a "large" (APS-C) sensor plus a zoom lens plus small size. Really compact zoom lens cameras are going to have to use a small sensor. If you attache a zoom lens to an APS-C sensor camera you get a much bigger package.

Mirror-less cameras can take advantage of their potentially smaller size by using a small sensor or using a large (APS-C) sensor with rangefinder type lenses that are semi-symetrical and whoes rear elements sit much closer to the image plane. Try fitting a lens designed for reflex cameras to a mirror-less and you will again have a much larger package, because the lens must protrude far enough from the image plane to accomodate the mirror swing of the reflex camera.

There is a place, of course for bothe reflex and EVIL types. I like the Ricoh GXR because it allows me to swap out sensor sizes, use either zoom or single focal length lenses, and use, via adaptors, almost any rangefinder lens available. Therefore the user gets to select the specific size/capability tradeoff for any situation.
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