Would you still buy a MKIII

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John Zeman Regular Member • Posts: 324
Re: Would you still buy a MKIII

If you found out you could trade your perfectly good 5D2 in for a brand new 5D Mark III at a cost of $1300 would you do it? In essence that's the question I'm dealing with right now. 10 days ago I inadvertently destroyed my 5D2 when it and I went under water while attempting to cross a stream. Yesterday a check for $2200 arrived from the insurance company to cover the coast of a replacement 5D2.

A new 5D2 for nothing or a new 5D3 for $1300?

I know if I don't pull the trigger for the 5D3 now I'll regret it later on so for me the answer is obvious. I'm going for the 5D3.

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