Another DIF thread - what can be improved?

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Re: Another DIF thread - what can be improved?

Thanks for an extended reply! You definitely raise some good points.

guitarjeff wrote:

As far as the lens, I saw nothing that bothered me in the focus department, as you had something in focus in each shot. The lens seems to have performed well for what it was asked to do in that amount of light and from that distance. (How much cropping did you do?)

What bothers me about the settings is the 6400 ISO. the grainy look robbed the pics of smoothness.

If you think that's grainy, you should have seen the shots before I de-noised them in PP

Anyway, I wanted to just point out to you to be aware and not fall in to the trap of thinking that there is some camera/lens problem when it really may be the actual composition of the shots or lack of interest in them, Sometimes it's easy to blame the camera lens when it may be our own decions either framing at the site or in our decisions in PP.

Yeah, I figured I'm pushing the limits of my camera/lens here.

Now, as for the grainy 6400 ISO, looks to me like i wouldn't be satisfied shooting higher than 800 to 1600 ISO if it were me, but that's just my opinion as I don't like that high ISO grainy look, it's just distasteful to me somehow.

So, having said that, you know where I am headed. lol

Time to break that bank account open and wheel-Barrel out a few grand and buy some 3 or 4 thousand dollar lens because in the end, if fast moving, non flash sporting events, indoors and outdoors is what you are after, well you simply have to have the lens that is capable of it.

That's my thoughts exactly! As the first step I would like to learn to use the equipment I have, as there is always some better gear available, and it's easy to get on a buying spree :-).

So yeah, you could blow some serious bucks on some massive camera that focus tracks far better and does far better high ISO than the T3i, and then you could spend a few grand on some awesome, 10 pound pro lens that has to be on a tripod, and then you will get pro level, magazine quality shots in that very environment. But with the T3i and that lens, I doubt you will be able to get much better all around that these pics. Maybe a little trying different things, lowering shutter speed so you can lower the iso to get shots that aren't as grainy and using the motion blur effect, trying some different framing and adding more ineterest in the shots, but if you are going to be serious about this type of shooting then you are going to have to open up that bank account and get the serious equipment that was made for these situations.

Hope I was able to give a good perspective on this.

Thanks for the insights, they are definitely appreciated! Buying more expensive stuff is definitely not on my books, I'll try to do the best with what I've got and turn it into a learning opportunity.

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