Canon 1Dc: Vertical Grip ? What for ?

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Re: Canon 1Dc: Vertical Grip ? What for ?

SubPrime wrote:

marike6 wrote:

That's an easy one: Because the 1D-C is still essentially a 1D-X. It can be used for cinema, music videos, TV spots, etc. But it will also be popular with high end wedding photographers/companies.

You keep repeating this same argument, but there is no advantage the 1D-C offers music videos, TV spots and high end wedding photographers over the

And I doubt that "high end wedding photographers" can, or will want to, justify that astronomical price, in view of what they get paid to shoot a wedding and that it won't bring any increase in that price over a 1Dx, or even a 5D3. Many wedding photographers, even the highest of high end shooters, up until now, have been using the 5D2, so I can't see them suddenly moving from cameras that cost around $3000 to ones costing 5 times that.

Unless wedding clients have 4k res tv's or TV stations begin broadcasting in native 4K, the only possible advantage is 1080 at 60p.

It has a portrait grip because photographers/videographers who want to use it for stills, will want to shoot vertically.

But why would anyone not want a dedicated stills camera to do stills?

We may want it, but try to find one!

The camera is hugely impressive but it simply makes no sense.

I absolutely can't argue with that. I've looked at the specs from as many angles as I can, based on my limited experience in video, and I can't find a reason for its existence, not to mention its more that 2x the 1Dx price.

BTW. I wonder why the max ISO is only 25,600 and not 51,200 like the 1DX?

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