E-M5 has DR 13!

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Re: Yeah, I noticed that too

DxO gives the E-P3 10.1 EV at 200 ISO so it's the same. I haven't compared curves but P. Potka did.

Now the difference with TR's test is that for the first time we see the comparison of the OM-D with both the NEX-7 and the Pro 1, and the E-P3 in Tiff .

Therefore I argue that there is no ISO underrating effect, otherwise DxO would have given the E-P3 a worse rating:


Note also that SNR curves show that the E-M5 has very little noise, which in turn is confirmed both by comparative samples at DPR, and other samples from the field at TR and other sites. The E-M5 has terrific detail.

How can this be debunked I don't know. So far what I saw is pathetic, therefore I quoted the Fuji forum. But even m4/3 is not brilliant

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