E-M5 has DR 13!

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Re: Yeah, I noticed that too

amalric wrote:

ljmac wrote:

Also, the hullabaloo over Oly using the 'wrong' ISO, when their competitors have been doing the same thing for years. It seems the E-M5 having sensor IQ equal to or better than the competition has really gotten people's knickers in a knot. Combine it with the high quality 4/3rds lenses, and you have exceptional IQ in a much smaller and cheaper package - the promise of 4/3rds fulfilled.

What is funny is how denial has been immediate at the Fuji Forum:


Which is ludicruous. Some users from here, dual users, tried to hide their embarrassment.

The Sony NEX forum instead still slumbers peacefully. Should one wake them up to the sad truth? Better not.

This small camera is really creating some anxiety. And yet nobody has noticed that the E-.P3 at TechRadar tests the same at DxO. So why should the E-P3 be right and the E-M5 wrong?

lets cut to the chase here Am
are you saying that EP3 has the same DR result at TR as it does at DxO?
b/se thats going to be a lead bucket to someone here

Besides Pekka Potka foundthe same difference between the two cameras. I remember how he was quickly dismissed.

There is definitely a psychological obstacle.

dont really have a dog in this fight, but I see some people finding some joy in, what is it 13 stops DR, and others claiming its all religious belief based purely on jpeg results and everyone else but them must be wrong...

all I saw of importance there was .tiff which can only be transformed from RAWs. I seem to be missing something here b/se i cant find any hard ground to form so determined a point of view. What I can say is if you can get 14 stops out of an APSC you can drag 13 out of 4/3rds

in the interim, I cant see why anyone would have a problem with that but then........some people can make a problem all by themselves

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