Better than Oly XZ-1??

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Re: Better than Oly XZ-1??

Al -

I'm not sure if you will bother to come back here again now but just in case.. another little note..

I've just been reading another thread on Oly Forum here about the VF-3 and usage only when you have the Firmware Updated to 1.4

I hadn't bothered with any Firmware updates...mine was on 1.3 and I suppose fairly update at that when I got it and no real need so far to change. But I've JUST done the Update a few minutes ago from here.. I'm now on 1.4 and just wanted to say that it all went exactly to plan and no trouble at all. You MUST of course carefuilly follow the instructions..but it works just as they say (Oly site..) so that's easy.

The main thing I wanted to add though is unlike the LX cameras,. similar in ONE respect to the latter.. you do of course have to have the lenscap OFF when you switch on. HOWEVER..this was always a real pain to me with the LX..if you hadn't taken off the cap when you switched on..the darn camera gives you a note on the LCD to say such as 'Take off lernscap' and just does NOTHING until you have.

The XZ-1 cap is a very good fit as it comes..hardly likely to fall off in normal circs.. but it is not attached with a string cord and you do have to take it off yourself and of course keep it safe. BUT - on the XZ-1..although the cap is on sound enough...when you switch on and forget to take off the just pushes off very easily and comfortably.. it does at least make the camera available instantly..YOU just need to keep the cap safe..but it WILL push off without doing any damage.

I eventually got a bit fed up with this and qUite recently bought the Olympus oifficial LC-63A cap..which screws onto the front inner thread of the lens and has opening flaps that simply work as..Switch on - flaps open and lens comes out - NO CAP TO HOLD OR LOSE !!. Frankly it's great.. I've had a JJC cap of same type on many other cameras (put one on the LX actually) and it's a great addition. Alas the Oly cap (far better than the JJC type actually) IS a bit of an extra..costs £25..but it really is well worth it... WHEN you are in the mood to add that !!


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