"Suggested Settings" for NEX cameras

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Re: "Suggested Settings" for NEX cameras

bobfa wrote:

I have been touring the threads and I think we need a good summary of what folks use for suggested settings. Here is some of the information I have gathered.... (It is a bunch of cut and paste from threads. I apologize for not keeping the posters names.)

RGB 1998
Put ISO on the bottom button

In camera:
AF/MF Select: DMF

Autofocus Area: Center

In Setup:
AF Illuminator: Off

Peaking Level: High

Peaking Color: Red

MF Assist: 2 secs

Many set to matrix but centered or spot for getting it exposed right at night.
Put AEL toggle on a button to let you grab exposure and re-focus.


For me as of today ;- )

Right button, ISO

Center button, Custom

Custom Settings:

Metering mode
Autofocus Area
AF/MF Select (was set to Creative Style before)

In Setup:
AF Illumination: Off
Peaking Level: mid
Peaking Color: Red
MF Assist: 5 secs


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