E-M5 has DR 13!

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Re: Go Play in the Streets ...

rare wolf wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

rare wolf wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

How about a theory that the EM-5 contains 14-bit ADC ? That would (at least) be ... possible

I thought all this speculation was about knowing the EM-5's raw output was 12bit precise(?)

It rather likely is 12-bit ... Why don't you go join dotborg in the peanut-gallery, eh ?

What are you saying? To me, after reading this entire discussion of EV versus bit-precision and DXO v TR, it all of a sudden became somewhat ironic and moot because we don't even know if the ADC is 12bit or 14bit(!?)

Well, I assume that none of us work for Olympus in the engineering department. Thus, how could anybody at any point know with certainty until Chipworks tears it down ? Maybe it's a 16-bit ADC ?

Was simply entertaining dotborg 's fancy for being rather incoherently and irritatingly contrary, and you seemed to relish piling right on. Sorry if I missed your drift ... Of course I was/am operating somewhat on speculation. Who isn't in these "hallowed halls" of the Massive Fumarious Turds ???

How do I find the peanut gallery?

It is a state of mind, and not a state of matter ...

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