JVC JVC GY-HMQ10 4k Video Files to test in FCPX

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John Koch Contributing Member • Posts: 808
JVC JVC GY-HMQ10 4k Video Files to test in FCPX

If anyone using FCPX is interested in testing 4k video files, there are samples and a free plug-in to stitch the four 1920x1080 quadrants into one 4k stream.

Does it work? Can one play-back the stitched file without crashes or hangs? Is it feasible or very difficult to introduce edit effects? How hard (or easy) is it to crop the video or add titles?

I don't use MAC, so I can't experiment myself.

Obviously, few people have 4k monitors, so the most one can decide is whether 4k video is possible to play on current-generation computers (what specs?) and if it looks any better on a 1920x1080 screen. The comparison would be against downsizing to 1920x1080 when exporting the edited clip. Does that look worse? Or about the same? Is there anything to crow about anyway?

Test files:


Software to manage 4k clips in FCPX.

4K Clip Manager Software manages segmented 4K video files. Creates single Apple ProRes editable file. Requires Final Cut Pro X. (JVC_4K_Clip_Manager.dmg)

Here are some sample videos and explanations. Obviously, one cannot see real 4K without a 4K screen. I can't figure, though, if any of the sample videos are in 4k, which we then see as 1920x1080, or if they have been converted to 1920x1080. One of the video samples includes a shoot of downtown Tokyo which is so sharp that one can read small signs. It would be interesting to see a side-by-side test of the same scene shot with a FF DSLR, a videocam with an ASP-C sensor, and a consumer HD videocam.


BTW, I haven't seen any reports at other forums about this. One or two people report buying the camera, or testing the clips, but they don't seem to get very far. Without a 4k screen or projector, it is true, it might seem to be a case of "no place plans for nobody." Even so, once other manufacturers launch sub-$5k products that shoot 4k, you can bet others will get an itch to try the things out.

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