Kindly ask for advice for equipment to go with expected D800

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Kindly ask for advice for equipment to go with expected D800


Tough I do not participate too often here I enjoy reading the latest threads and give my opinion when I think it can add something useful to the discussion.

Now I am asking your expertise and advice to select equipment to go with the D800 I have preordered (Fnac in Portugal, new expected delivery date on 19th April, before it was on 10th April, still don't know if it will be moved again).

As background, I have a point and shoot camera (Kodak V1003) which I initially bought for my motorbike trips, but now use for my everyday photo shooting and vacations if I'm traveling lite, and two Nikon film cameras, which I take with me when I can and I enjoy shooting very much, the Nikon FM2 and the Nikon F90x with the MB-10 grip.

I tend to use the FM2 for BW photo and F90x for the color films. To cope with that I have an SB22, an AF 50mm f1.8 (not D, not AF-S), and an old russian zoom lens 80-200 which I no longer use since it got damaged after trying to clean fungus from it (I guess one of the elements has a coating that is damaged, still have to disassemble it, try to clean it again and reassemble, with the elements on the correct order...).

The D800 will be replacing all cameras except the Kodak for my motorbike rides for conveninence. I'll still keep the film cameras for random use.

I'll be using the D800 everywhere, from vacations to family reunions, for landscape to indoor concert shooting (not professionally, just for friends) or sports (again just for me).

I am expecting to be adding equipment as I manage to get some savings (I'm getting married, let's see how much I'll still have left after it :D), but I am planning my investments as follows, and that's where I'd like your advices:

Phase I:

1.1. Memory: I am considering 2x 64GB Sandisk ExtremePro SDXC cards to begin with. This will be around 300€.

1.2. Lenses: for this I am considering to start with the 24-70 f2.8 and this would be my single lens for now. I'll be able to use the AF 50 f1.8 with it, but my guess is once I mount the 24-70 I'll never remove it from the camera. I expect to find the lens for arounf 1300€. Maybe add a ND filter from Nikon or Hoya, especially when going near the sea or salty / dusty / wet environments.

It would be good to be able to use the new lenses on the old film cameras but they are most likely G lenses so that will not be an option and would not be also for me a decision factor.

1.3. Flash: none so far, use the built in or the SB-22.

1.4. Storage: Use some of the WD 2TB I already have.

Phase II:

2.1. Memory: Buy the CF versions of the 64 GB ExtremePro cards from SanDisk and save to both cards simultaneously to have backups (currently this would be around 700€, hopefully it will decrease, other option is to buy 1x 128GB CF, but it'll depend on the prices then).

2.2. Lenses: Buy the 70-200 f2.8 VRII and the TC-20E III for the extended range.

Would the 80-400 be a good option, saving the cost of the lens and loosing some f-stops along the range but having more reach or would I be sacrificing also on image quality? If the 80-400 would be an option perhaps I would not buy for now the TC-20E III.

2.3. Flash: SB-910.

2.4. Storage: Add a Qnap TS-659 Pro II, use the WD drives on it and have 6x 2GB RAID HDs to a useful 6TB storage.

2.5. Other: Maybe add the MB-D12 if i feel like it would be useful after using the camera for some time.

What would be your considerations around this? Would you recommend different things? Would you add anything to the equation?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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