older 70-200 vr vs newer 70-300 vr.... thoughts?

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Re: older 70-200 vr vs newer 70-300 vr.... thoughts?

tektrader wrote:

I was more thinking about the vigneting rather than corner softness actually.

My D800 will be here soon and i will be interested in how it looks. I am in love with the VR1. Its the nicest lens I own.

What I have noticed is these 2 lenses ( 70-200 VR1 and the VR2) seem to work/focus much better up to 30 feet, above that I dont feel they are in their special spot. As a telephoto lens I beleive they are no where near as detailed or accurate at long distances.

Yes, the vignetting improvement on f/2.8 is practically significant, maybe even more than it seems in absolute terms (from about 1.5 to about 0.9 stop @200mm).

I have also noticed this "near-sighted" tendency. It becomes particularly clear with TC-20E III, which works very well at short distances (and so produces excellent MTF charts in the usual tests), but doesn't really make a 400/5.6 as you would expect it on far distances.

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