I'm done with manual focusing.

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Manual Focusing is More Precise

Auto focus definitely has a place for action shots. It has made photographing sports, birding, and children much easier to do. As I recall, as a high school yearbook photographer from 1962 to 1965, we had to prefocus where we thought the football or basketball action would take place and wait until it happened. We got pretty good in anticipating these spots, but what if the action didn't happen there?

But, I prefer manual focus with autofocus as well as adaptive lenses when there is time. I tend to use autofocus for "grab shots". I occasionally gave up on manual focus on my Nikon DSLR camera bodies when they only had the simple green dot (the arrows + dot on some models was better) ... or, out of frustration, I had a film-era style split screen focusing screen installed. However, my Olympus MFT camera bodies offer new possibilities with focus assist (magnification) + live view.

What I notice is that with auto focus, one often can't be sure what the camera is focusing on. The tree, the fence, or the house behind the first two? With manual focus, you can always be sure. Manual focus lets you target exactly on what/where you want to focus to be, which isn't always in the center of the frame. Also, manual focus allows you to "focus through" items in the foreground, leaving the out-of-focus bokeh in the foreground rather than the background.

Looking forward to focus peaking to make manual focusing even simpler. Olympus, are you listening?

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