ZS20-Some impressions

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ZS20-Some impressions

A lot has been said about this camera and I won't go through it again. These are just a few of my impressions after receiving the camera yesterday. I own, and like the ZS7, so that's my point of reference.

Form factor,....absolutely huge improvement. The camera is so comfortable in the hand with the shutter button and video button perfectly placed. I can pull the camera from my shirt pocket, turn it on, take video, zoom, etc, all with one hand. The camera doesn't feel like it's slipping from my grip.

Flash,...I use flash indoors and the ZS20 has the best of any of my cameras, FZ150, GH2, ZS7 etc. Not sure why, but it adjusts to range perfectly.

Panoramas,....very sharp and easy.

Burst mode,....main reason I chose this over the ZS15. It will rattle off 15 (or more) 5fps shots w/autofocus, load them and be instantly ready for more. The bursts are at full megapixel. What a great feature this is. I tried the 10fps and it was even more impressive, though it is without autofocus.

Zoom,...I haven't tried the "intelligent zoom" but the 20X is beautiful and holds up fine with cropping. I think it will be all I need.

Batteries,....haven't tried the new charging system, choosing to use the Panasonic charger for my ZS7. The batteries are interchangeable.

Image Quality,....I knew when I ordered the ZS20 that the ZS15 was said to have better IQ. I can't confirm that one way or the other but will submit that I find the IQ on the ZS20 to be excellent in every way, colorful and sharp. My eyes probably couldn't appreciate anything better.

Pany has a winner with this camera. It's fast and easy to use. There are no comparisons with the ZS7 where the ZS20 is not significantly better. I suppose my most favorable impressions are the grip and the amazing full rez burst modes.

Great camera for my purposes!

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