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probert500 wrote:

Of course thinkpads were/are beautifully built - had modular bays so you could add another harddrive or optical drive at will. ethernet connections, usb3, rs232, hdmi, blueray. They don't need a dongle everytime you dingle.

Agreed. But the same points apply to Macs, there are a lot of parallels. Thinkpad was designed for a purpose which required research and innovation which were then protected by patents and copyright. Not only the stuff you mention, but things like fingerprint readers and other security devices that were essential for many intended users, along with higher reliabilty and lower weight. These required custom parts, chips, drivers and integrated software to help make them all work together, and it made them the go-to choice for executives handling sensitive data and needing to run corporate windows Apps.

All of these extras were what set the Thinkpad apart from other PCs, and it all came at a price. It's the same model as Apple has done but for a different set of intended users. I used a Thinkpad for suit work, and a PowerBook for media.

look - I use macs - I like the not lion OS and my software is mac oriented - but they really aren't the holy grail - and what was once elegant design is receding into a dour greyness.

No one claimed holy grail. And the design and innovation isn't stopping, it's going on right now. Everyone has an opinion to argue on design, but what can't be argued is that Apple continue to win lots of awards for their products. Like these from this years best Laptops from PC Advisor:



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