E-M5 has DR 13!

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Re: E-M5 has DR 13!

szlevi wrote:
You are really FULL OF IT if you are not joking...

....that was Professional Photography Tips, this full-of-sh!t single-guy website where you can submit reviews too and it was just another hilarious pseudo-review where they NEVER TESTED ANYTHING AS THEY DID NOT EVEN HAVE THE CAMERA but SIMPLY "assumed" things and concluded that if it is MFT then it should be inferior to ANYTHING OUT THERE... it was a great laugh, indeed.

Other best part was "At its price point, many people are likely to be disappointed that Olympus chose to keep the four thirds sensor, instead of opting for a new larger unit that would have improved image quality. After all, this is a new line of cameras that could have had a fresh start. "

As a former journo I have to call this a PRICELESS IDIOCY...

This "magazine" so far owns the "Biggest BS/fake OM-D review of 2012" title, no contest.

PS: you should really stop reading these ad-hunting worthless junk publications...

katy C. wrote:

This from Amateur Photographer's magazine Review of E-m5:

"we have not seen any m4/3 cameras offer Dynamic Range much over 10 EV.

"This performance falls short of most APS-C cameras, which typically have dynamic ranges of over 12 EV AND there is NO reason to suspect that the E-M5 is any better than its peers".

Well firstly AP is a reputable magazine, though I do not disagree with you about the value of a test that does not include RAW analysis. And as has become patently obvious any review that posts positive conclusions is accepted as gospel no matter how unreliable their methodology may be. I am not suggesting that you are in this category as I think we are both in the wait and see what fully supported RAW files will show camp.

I do not expect that the small band of folk, who believe in the E-M5 with a religious zeal, will be swayed by the reality of controlled tests. And the same sources that in the past have been quoted when the reviews were positive including AP and the likes of focus-numerique suddenly become “worthless junk” when their findings do not support the claims of the faithful . A pattern I expect will be repeated when other sources of data come out including DPreview, Imaging Resources, and DXO.


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