E-M5 has DR 13!

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Whatever ... Find somebody else's time to waste with "one-liners" ...

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The NEX-7 uses an in-camera data-compression scheme that (effectively) transforms the base of the bits of it's RAW files to a base other than base 2 (making your fantasies come true in a sense). However, those compressed and specially encoded RAW image-files have to be specifcally decoded by an inverse decoding algorithm in order to be read . Note that this is not the case where it comes to the EM-5 of your dreams, so perhaps you need to come up with a new fantasy theory ?

Regarding NEX-7: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1042&thread=39707815

Wait, wait. So, your saying that because Sony encode their raw files to something other than straight linear, my argument of "bits don't necessarily equal stops" is invalid? Well alright, but try not to get too worked up over it.

How about a theory that the EM-5 contains 14-bit ADC ? That would (at least) be ... possible ..

I never said anything about the E-M5 allegedly rendering 13 stops of dynamic range. I merely said that bits don't necessarily equal stops. I can define the magnitude that 12 bits encodes to be 0.0 - 1.0 or I can say that it's -1000000000.0 to 1000000000.0. In fact, I can do the same with any number of bits.

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