D800 + 24mm PC-E + The Beach

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D800 + 24mm PC-E + The Beach

I've put a few images around the web so far from my 45mm PC-E and Zeiss 21mm ZF.2 but yesterday morning I limited myself to the 24mm PC-E on the D800 to give this lens its first proper outing.

First off, it's sad to see some tales of woe over focus points, I plan to test my D800 for any apparent defect later today but my initial unscientific testing did not seem to indicate any problems and since getting the camera I have spent my time putting my manual focus lenses through their paces which is my preferred option anyway. Both the Zeiss 21mm ZF.2 and Nikon 45mm PC-E both proved to be spectacular and after yesterdays session I would also say the same of the 24mm PC-E. In fact, this has been the most surprising session of all because there seems to be marked improvement of this lens on the D800 over my D700, a difference that wasn't as apparent with the Zeiss and 45mm PC-E which were already awesome on my D700.

A couple more comments about the D800 performance too - the white balance and metering so far seem very much improved and I have to say the colour rendition for me has also been enhanced somewhat. I am in awe of what is coming out of these RAW files, something I couldn't necessarily say the same of with my D700. Having the D800 is certainly making me want to take it out more and more, it has been a total joy to use so far. No sign of any of these lock up issues and to focus I've been using the focus confirmation green dot in the viewfinder for my manual focus lenses so far and I've seen no issues with that either. As with my D700 I have NEVER used any sort of focus adjustment (perhaps to my detriment at times) but it does make me wonder if others are fiddling far too much and ending up with questionable/poor results as a consequence.

So given there is a lot of interest around the 24mm PC-E, here are a variety of different images using different techniques and configurations from yesterday. It seems like a match made in heaven to me, far, far better than I expected actually. I hope you enjoy and that this is useful to one or two people...

Hand held, no tilt, Lee 0.6 Soft Grad, hopefully proving that this ridiculous myth that sharp images are not possible in the hand. Yes, it's a good shutter speed on a bright day, but it's still manual focus and filtered too. On the 100% view I can see individual stitches in the sail

Tripod, cable release, full tilt, 4 second Long Exposure with Lee Big Stopper and Lee 0.6 Hard Grad. The softening effect you see here is not post processing, that's the effect of tilt (and man do I love that for landscape images)

Tripod, cable release, small tilt, 2min 10 sec Long Exposure with Lee Big Stopper and Lee 0.6 Hard Grad.

Hand held, full tilt, Lee 0.6 Soft Grad

Tripod, cable release, full tilt, 10 second Long Exposure, Lee Big Stopper, Lee 0.9 Pro Glass ND, Lee 0.6 Hard Grad

Hand held, full tilt, Lee 0.6 Soft Grad. I may not use Tilt Shift lenses how others use them, but I love using blur as a creative option, instead of the opposite where many users seem intent on trying to get front to back sharpness at f/4 (you can't achieve that by the way!)

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