Why does my k-5 act like this?

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Re: Why does my k-5 act like this?

DS21 wrote:

chaeric2 wrote:

Why does my exposure change when I use Live View? It happens frequently, at least indoors where I've tested it. Unless I manually set things, Live View exposes for a brighter image. Is this normal?


Actually I notice that even with the same shutter speed, aperture and ISO, sometimes the image is still quite a bit brighter. I'll post an example when I get home later today.

This actually doesn't bother me that much, but I just don't understand why it would change.

My K-x is behaving exactly the same, LV exposures are 0.7 to 1 stop brighter. In LV mode main sensor is doing the metering, in normal mode another small sensor is taking the reading (usually located on top of the prism box in viewfinder), because the main (image) sensor is obstructed. There is probably a difference in calibration between the two sensors (when they measure light for exposure). You can change in setup to make other sensor do the metering in LV mode, but there will be a lot of mirror flip-flopping because camera has to exit LV briefly, take reading, take shot, return to LV mode.

I see, thanks for clearing that up for me.

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