E-M5 has DR 13!

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TechRadar was right about the previous Oly cameras, so why not...

This time?

Tiff is just RAW made visible, and if you factor in built in Noise Reduction for Oly, you must do the same for Nikon, Pentax and other cameras, as Riley remarked at the 43rumors' discussion.

Moreover the CIPA standard allows for a 1/3 stop difference, so even the argument of a possible base ISO difference between brands can be set aside. It would never explain a difference of 3 stops in DR, compared to the E-P3.

At any rate, even allowing for discrepancies between developers you can't do that when comparing the E-P3 to the E-M5. The E-P3's DR curve is well known, and TR's one corresponds entirely. So why should the E-M5's one be wrong?

Whatever Oly has done it has achieved a terrific SNR, which means it has achieved much cleaner files in RAW, than any other ILS camera.

If denoising was high by default, or even hidden you woudn't have such detailed hair and foliage files like the sample pictures show, or the comparometer at DPR. So you have another visible proof.

As for DR, TR uses the same protocol of DxO. They shoot transparencies provided by DxO with tone scales under uniform light, and develop the shots with DxO Analyzer. There is even less the possibility of a mistake, in such a controlled setup which is the same for every camera.

Of course, this is creating or will create a mini quake at the Fuji and Sony forums. People can't believe that a smaller sensor can outsmart a bigger one. And Yet X Pro 1 buyers were willing to believe that they had a better sensor than the Canon 5 mk.II, so where's the logic?

Oly must have hit a new golden sensor, because this time you can't even say it's the Jpeg engine. It is still the Truepic VI of the older generation. And this time the performance in RAW shown by the graphs is far better than in Jpeg.

Our resident trolls can go beserk as much as they want, but they are pretty well bound hand and feet this time.

BTW P. Potka mentioned the same results between the E-P3 and the E-M5 a month ago, and he used other test charts (paper?). So again all the proofs are converging. We are probably looking at a new tidal wave in technology.


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