Selling off the NX200

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Re: Selling off the NX200> What a ridiculous statement to make.

Why on earth would anyone, buy into a camera SYSTEM, (this is ANY camera, from ANY manufacturer, that has a removable lens system), then complain about it, actually having a changable lens, lol, because it doesn't have the lens that he wants. When one buys into a camera system, one purchases the best camera, for their individual needs, and gets the lenses that they want, for the purpose that they need. Don't spit the dummy, and throw a tantrum, just go and get the lens that YOU, need. I have bought individual primes for my Sammy GX10 DSLR, since I bought it, which I did as a two lens kit. The kit lenses, are good, (as far as kit lenses go), but I knew, whne I bought it that I was buying into a system, and not just a camera. The cameras are updated every few years, but the lenses will always be there.
Have a good day.
Regards Allan

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