X-Pro1 Day 1 Full Review

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X-Pro1 Day 1 Full Review

I'm not one to look at charts or accept most reviews by armchair critics at face value, I need to pick it up and use it. I picked up the X-Pro1 yesterday after walking into a shop to buy the x100. I have an M6 and still love the rangefinderish appeal of the X-P1. A rangefinder however it is not… I spent the day on the coast with my family oyster sampling and figured what a day to put it through it's paces…

Build: The camera feels wonderful in your hands and while it does feel light, it definitely does not feel as flimsy as some others have stated.. The AF Point select button feels like it is in a very weird place and did take some getting used to, but not horrible at all. AF-AL button is perfectly set as well.. The EC knob however, kept annoying me and took some time to get used to not confusing it with the adjustment wheel. With that said I am in love with the body

EVF/OVF: The EVF is slowwww, like super slow.. the lag is horrendous and was drive me nuts all day. The Oly E-P2 EVF was at least 50% better in that regard. It is bright and I love the fact that the menu and all settings including image review can be seen through it, but the lag was killing me. The OVF with grid overlay was a pleasure to use, with the exception of not being a true rangefinder screen. iAF does indicate in/out of focus and combined with zones made it a dream to use.. Please Fuji you might kill the M9 if the X-Pro2 has a real focus screen in OVF

AF: Not as bad as people have made it out to be. Combined with the EVF it's slow but I think I attribute that to the EVF (My 5D2/7D both are meh in Live View). However selecting the right mode and multi-select, combined with the right ISO and how zone focusing works it's fast enough. I had a couple oof shots due to forgetting to set Macro mode because of the minimum focusing distance of the 35. Speaking of Macro Mode.. Come on Fuji, why do you have to switch to EVF or the LCD display to ask me if I want Macro mode? A physical button without onscreen notification preferably on the lens would be AWESOME!!! Seriously… Not that Macro Mode doesn't work great, but when I have the LCD off and hit the macro button I am not smart enough to have to look at the display which I know I set to off. Major annoyance the first couple of times..

MF: It's not bad.. It's not Great, but it's not bad.. it does the job done…The EVF helps, but I don't like the fly-by-wire focusing ring. It drove me nuts on the 20mm 1.7 Panny as well.. I'm going to hold off until the adapters for my Canon/Leica lenses show up

Lens build: It's light, not flimsy at all but very light… Absolutely love the 35mm lens. It's sharp even wide open… I'm not a pixel peeper, but it's sharp enough for me. The one thing I don't like is the cap for the hood doesn't clip on. It had slipped off several times during the day.

Menu system: Way too convoluted for my liking. However, there is a single screen which allows for multiple configuration options. Also, custom settings help for many configuration needs. The film modes leave a little bit to be desired. While the Provia/Velvia and Pro Neg settings produce wonderful color rendition, I'm not crazy about the in camera B&W options. I have a workflow that I'm used to so it's not a problem at all. I am mostly a RAW shooter, but the JPGs out of this camera are amazing at all ISO settings. Ordered a few prints to confirm, but the image quality is just amazing.

Battery Life: Meh.. All I can say Meh.. I had it in power save mode and Quick on and the camera lasted all of 150 shots. Although, it's first day so I had the LCD on a lot more than I normally would of. I played with all the modes, so this might not be a good representation. Hint: Buy extra batteries!!

I've seen a ton of reviews comparing it to m43 bodies and while I can't comment on the newest generation I can say the images are night and day compared to the E-P2. I loved everything about the E-P2 with the exception of noise in shadow areas above ISO200. I hope the medium has advanced past that, but from what I see in a lot of posted images it hasn't. You'd have to pixel peep pretty hard to find such noise in the Fuji images..

Price: Do I think the body is overpriced? Hmmm.. Maybe, but when I think of what an M9 goes for that feeling goes away. Is the lens overpriced?? Let's see.. The Canon 35mm 1.4L is about the same build quality and it's $1100, and the color rendition is not as good .. So do I think it's overpriced? No.

Verdict: It's not going back…. It's quirky, It's beautiful, it's a joy to use if it fit's your shooting style. Fortunately for me, it does.. I can however see how it would drive some dSLR users nuts. It's not for shooting motorsports, it's not for shooting birds at 500mm+. The enthusiast street shooter who knows how to shoot a rangefinder will absolutely LOVE IT!

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