OM-D Should Have Come out 2 Years Ago

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Re: Should Have Come out 2 Years Ago, or 3 Years into the future?

amalric wrote:

Landscapephoto99 wrote:

I think OM-D will be a nice camera, good addition to micro 4 3rds, a weatherproof GX1 with IBIS. But having said that, it is another case of Olympus being a day late and a dollar short. Give or take some bells and whistles, there seems to be nothing in OM-D that could not have been done two years ago. Why so long?

What is their market niche? Sony is consumer electronics, users can be assured of getting the latest bells and whistles. Panasonic is clearly video, no one does it quite like them in a neat package like the GH2. Penetax is the outdoors, rugged system for those who value craftsmanship in their equipment. CaNikon, well no need to go into detail on their brand loyal fans. Olympus????

Such general statements on the basis of early rumors expose to ridicule.

It's not only about not knowing about the ergonomics of the camera, but about the sensor.

Besides the VF, what caught my attention is the contention about the extended Dynamic Range. How is it attained? By redesigning the sensor, or by better image processing? The new Fuji sensor does it in hardware, but pixel sharpness in the early samples is nothing to sing about.

I concur with other above that Oly did well by chosing the bottom up approach, avoiding such pitfalls. I am not even sure that the OM D is a Pro camera - they never contended it, but it might be the step before it, and a good contender against the X Pro 1, at a much more sensible price.

A camera is a bit like a chamber orchestra, everything must play in tune, so it doesn't help to have very good performance in some parts, but lacking in others. Like we saw in the G cameras, lacking both in DR and colour rendition.

Since the OM D has almost double the weight of one of the latest Pen Lights, one must assume that it was put to good use. At least the weight but also the price make the camera compete against mid tier dSLR. So it better be good, even if the smaller lenses will give an initial advantage.

Of course it will compete against the Sony, and the Fuji, and perhaps even against a coming Pentax. Having a strong m4/3 is of the essence. Some here would rather have Olympus ruined by financial problems, that is how miserly they are.

Mirrorless is getting adult, but not all its users are


  • It is natural, lot's of the Micro 4/3 users are young people, and the others, "old" ones from many systems before

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