Lens choice for Trip to Italy

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Re: Lens choice for Trip to Italy

As others have said, your lens choice is pretty much determined by your shooting style. I've travelled through France and Italy with nothing longer than 85mm on my 550D (so factor in crop there) and not felt the lack. However, if I was more interested in street photography or had I opportunity for wildlife shooting I would have.

Italy's countryside and cities lends itself well to the wider end of lenses so I would be more concerned that you have something wide enough, than long enough. Your 5D is capable of a hefty crop if you really feel yourself limited at the long end. Not ideal, I know, but in the interest of 'travelling light' you have to make compromises.

I also spent 3 weeks travelling though France using a 10-22mm for about 99% of the time and was very happy with the results. I guess it just comes down to making the best of the lens you choose to take with you.

Have a wonderful time in Italy, it's one of my favourite countries. Regardless of what lens you take, I'm sure you'll find a wealth of photographic opportunities.

Cheers Olivia
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